Penguin reaches new heights

Wello has been testing their prototypes of the newest iterations of Penguin WEC at the Danish Hydrological Institute wave tank since 2010. The most recent wave tank testing results of the newest version of Penguin (WEC-3) bring about a significant increase in power production.

The new version of the Penguin produces 15% more energy than the previous iteration of the WEC, all while keeping costs of the devices the same. The new WEC-3 Penguin is set to be deployed in Orkney, Scotland under the CEFOW program. A calculated power chart showcasing the results of how the new WEC-3 is set to perform in Orkney is shown below.

The results are extremely positive, keeping Wello on track in their initiative to produce the most cost effective, efficient and sustainable wave energy converters on the market.


Penguin WEC-3, generation at EMEC site in Orkney, Scotland

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