Investment goal surpassed thanks all current investors.

Espoo, Finland, 15 April 2019: Wello has surpassed its minimum crowd funding goal of 1 million euros thanks to investors.

On Wednesday the 10th of April, Wello surpassed its lower limit of their equity crowd funding goal of 1 million euros. Investors from all round the world have helped us reach this initial goal, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, USA, the UK, Norway, Italy and Netherlands to name a few.

Wello has teamed up with Invesdor, an award-winning Nordic leader in digital fundraising and investing, to host our own crowdfunding campaign. The Finnish company, Wello, is offering equity for new and existing investors from around the world. Finland is the leading European country in venture capital investments when looking at startups and small companies, attracting investments from all around the globe.

The strong international backing Wello has received so far shows that there is a desire for clean, renewable wave energy globally. This is reflected in Wello’s international and multicultural staff, professionals who have come from all corners of the world to work with the leading wave energy technology developer. Professionals from Finland, UK, Ireland, Germany, China, Turkey, Brazil, France and Portugal, have all brought their expertise to Wello and to the development of The Penguin wave energy converter.

It is estimated that 10% of the global wave energy demand could be powered by wave energy alone and Wello aims to enable the production of a significant portion of this by 2050. Not only has Wello developed the most robust wave energy converter on the market, we are continually working with local manufactures to ensure the lowest cost of installation for wave energy, bringing affordable wave energy to the world. Have a look at Wello’s cost of energy map below to see the potential in your region.

There is still time to join a host of international Investors and invest in Wello, and together we can bring clean, affordable, renewable energy to the world. Invest now at Invesdor:



Wello Oy was established in 2008 with the development of the Wello Penguin product line. Over the years the company has secured several essential patents and has grown, getting new partners on board. Among Wello’s lead investors: Fortum Oyj, VNT Management, Innovestor Ventures, and Estlander Holdings Oy. Find out more at



Invesdor is the online investment platform connecting ambitious European growth companies with investors worldwide.


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