Wello's WEC2 Penguin ready to depart Tallinn shipyard towards Orkney, Scotland

Espoo, Finland, 24 April 2019: Wello's WEC2, an optimized Penguin model based on proven technology, is now complete and ready to depart the Tallinn shipyard over the next few days, to be towed towards Orkney, Scotland. The new device will be installed by the coast as soon as it arrives.

Penguin WEC2 sets the benchmarks for state-of-the-art wave energy technology, improving energy generation compared to the previously deployed WEC1, and boasting an increase in 380% in power production. WEC2 is a key milestone towards the full potential of ocean-wave energy conversion technology, confirming all calculations and energy costs Wello presented on the Global Wave Energy Potential and Wave Energy Levels map.

WEC2 is funded by both the European Commission’s research and innovation program Horizon 2020 Clean Energy From Ocean Waves (CEFOW), and project participants.

Wello has already currently looking to raise up to €2.5M in exchange for equity between 4.34% and 10.18%, with a minimum investment of 140 shares, at a share price of €3.73 per share. The funding campaign, which has already raised over €1.5M (151% of the initial goal), is run on Invesdor and will be open until May 2, 2019.

CAMPAIGN URL: https://www.invesdor.com/en/pitches/981

PRESS KIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y9nxi7a1rgxc1a/Wello%20Press%20Kit.zip?dl=0

PRESS CONTACTS: CEO heikki.paakkinen@wello.eu | +358 40 757 5469


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