Saipem sign commitment to deploy Wello’s new Penguin Wave energy converter.

The Wello team have been in long lasting discussions with a world leader in engineering activities and in the development of major energy and infrastructure projects, Saipem ( On Friday 25th October, Wello received a commitment from Saipem for taking the full responsibility for the deployment and operation of Penguin WEC in the Basque country. This commitment will guarantee that the project moves firmly forward, bringing the Penguin wave energy converter to European shores.
Francesco Balestrino, Renewables and Green Technologies Business Development Manager from Saipem’s XSIGHT Division commented:
‘’Following the cooperation agreement signed last September, this project represents Saipem’s first opportunity to perform a project in the marine energy field according to our diversification strategy. It also proves Saipem’s commitment to provide its clients with new sustainable solutions. Specifically, we aim to apply innovative technology to the traditional infrastructures of the Oil & Gas market, for instance energy efficiency for offshore platforms as well as integration with other renewables source”.
This cooperation and commitment with Saipem shows the drive for renewable wave energy, an untapped source of clean energy. Wello is extremely excited for the project as well as future projects with one of the global leaders in the offshore market.